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With the changing world, there are lesser spaces for kids to play. Parks are becoming smaller and open grounds are being filled with people all the time. Kids lose the experiences of the old days where they could run around and play sports together. The fun that childhood should contain is lost in the present day and with big properties taking over more and more land, the space for sports is also being lost. Adventure activities for students can help spark a love for sports in a child. Many adventure parks are being established in India and Flipside is one of Hyderabad’s most reputed adventure parks.

The best places to hangout in Hyderabad are no longer restricted to pubs or malls. If you are wondering what to do on a weekend, head over to flipside. With the range of adventure activities and sports for kids and adults, Flipside is the most happening adventure sports park in Hyderabad. With rock climbing, archery and the best go-karting in Hyderabad, the venue is designed to get your adrenaline pumping and set you off to new experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Adventure activities for students in Flipside help them build friendships and work on their stamina, strength, and intellectual skills.

Here’s a list of some of the adventure activities for students at Flipside –

1) Go-KartingĀ 

Pick your ride and curve through the tracks. Go-karting helps people improve their reaction time and judgment while on the road.


2) Archery and shooting

Exposing children to new forms of sports is a great way to find hidden talent and let them harness the same. This helps them grow and find things they like to do. In the process, it helps children find their paths in life.

archery sport

3) Rock Climbing In Hyderabad

you will not find a rock climbing experience like Flipside offers. The reason being the height and setting, which makes it more enduring for the climber. Adventure activities for students such as rock climbing require the presence of mind and nimble feet to move forward.

rock climbing


4) Rope courseĀ 

The rope course is a great way for children to pace against each other and use their intelligence and strength to finish the course. It builds character and adds many attributes to the growth of the student.

rope course activities

Apart from Endurance building activities, Flipside also has sports and games that children of all ages enjoy playing. The loss of open grounds is a thing of the past as children can form teams and play Football in the Futsal ground. They can also enhance their skills in the indoor smash cricket setup.

Flipside is all about exploring and finding something new every time you visit. Adventure activities for students are encouraged and help the children face situations that might arise and require skills to overcome. It can help build a child’s confidence to face day to day activities and special circumstances that come by.

Students can also pair up and take part in the team-building activities, such as-

1) Paintball – The greatest domestic survival training activity that spells fun for everyone.

2) The Freego can take you around the entire venue and show you the world of Flipside.


CONCLUSION: The activities at Flipside are more than just sports and games. They are an adrenaline rush that students need to experience in their life. This helps shape their characters and build new experiences. The activities also help build friendships.

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