Myth Buster: Are Amusement Parks and Adventure Parks Same?

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We all wish to get away from our daily routine time to time and have some fun. Living in urban cities, the definition of fun equals to visiting amusement parks, theme parks or expensive resort getaways. Although amusement parks are a fun way to spend the holidays or weekends, the wait in long lines and the crowded place visits are not what many people consider fun. How fun would it be if you could spend your weekend having fun and doing exciting adventure right here in Hyderabad!

For the people who love testing their limits and getting that adrenaline rush,  Flipside Adventure park should be a must-go.

We know what you are thinking;

How is Flipside Adventure park different from the regular Amusement parks?

To answer your question, Flipside has made a list on – how Adventure Parks are different (and even better) than amusement parks:

Fun Blended with Nature

Amusement parks are generally made on acres of a concrete jungle with little or no natural touch, but in adventure parks, you are surrounded by nature from all directions and get a feeling of living in the wild which makes your experience even more adventurous and exciting. At Flipside there are a lot of adventure sports that give you the real experience of the raw side of nature.

There Is Something for Everybody

Many a time there are many rides in amusement parks that have activities that only a certain age group can enjoy. Many rides are such that a lot of people are afraid to do or are not comfortable with. Rides such as the roller coasters or the giant wheel etc. make people non-participative. On the other hand, at adventure parks, there are games/activities that suit everyone’s taste and involve activities that people can enjoy according to their endurance levels. At the Flipside Adventure Park, there are different zones such as the Sports zone, Adventure zone, and the Fun Zone, where you have a free will to choose from a varied option of activities that you enjoy the most.

Exercise Infused Fun

The best part of adventure parks is that there are a lot of sports which require physical activity that gives you the benefit of exercising while having fun. Unlike amusement parks where you are strapped to your chairs, adventure parks stand true to their name and give you the experience of natural adventure and boost your excitement.

The best part is that at Flipside, you and your entire family can have a great time enjoying different activities together in one place This is the best adventure park in Hyderabad . Now, no more spending your weekend or holiday getting bored. Get your sports shoes out and come to Flipside for an adventurous and memorable experience. Book your tickets today!

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