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You’ve heard about it and always wanted to try Go-Kart racing. So why not take the weekend and hit the track with some friends? Flipside is Hyderabad’s biggest outdoor adrenaline park. With several activities, Flipside has grown to be one of the best spots for corporate events, family outings and get-togethers for friends of all ages. The activities include archery, shooting, incredible free falls, and the exciting outdoor go-karting. These activities are designed to create new experiences for people and to stimulate team building and bonding between participants. Flipside is more than just adventure sports in Hyderabad, it also has an amazing dining facility and a lawn for those who wish to relax and soak in the sun.

Go-kart racing is an experience everyone must try at least once. Strapping yourself in and burning rubber on the track is truly an amazing experience for adults and teenagers. Many people choose to make a hobby of go-karting and head back to Flipside time and time again for outdoor go-karting.

The thrill of go-karting outdoors will always be better than indoors. Adventure sports have taken off in Hyderabad with Flipside leading the way with activities for everyone. Outdoor go-kart racing is a whole new experience, even for people who know how to drive. It’s about an open track and a challenge to oneself to face speed. This highly entertaining activity is nothing like bumper cars. It is real racing with a touch of danger. The best go-karting in Hyderabad with your friends could be an incredibly fun activity.

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Reasons why outdoor go-kart racing is the best

Outdoor racing is so much better than being indoors, and here’s a bunch of reasons why:

1) The Race Track brings a feeling of speed. It makes the driver feel like he’s on a racing track and pumps the adrenaline to its max. This experience needs an outdoor track to provide the best possible racing ambience.

2) The outdoor climate and weather add to the rush of blood. Adrenaline junkies get the feel of wind hitting them as they pace through the track and this sends a chill down the racer’s spine at every turn.

3) The feeling indoors is more calm and safer than outdoors. This makes a driver more cautious and prevents him from experiencing the true dangers of outdoor go-kart racing.

4) Indoor tracks always have protective shells such as tires or rubber walls around the ends of the track. This again makes it too secure for drivers. The real skill is when a driver can take his car around the track without going off. Outdoor tracks usually have slightly raised ends wherein the car would fly off the track.

5) Outdoor sessions can be viewed by a larger audience. This means more cheer and more team-building abilities. People can encourage their drivers and in turn, have an amazing experience in the outdoor go-kart track.


Conclusion: A person can only enjoy go-karting to the fullest extent if he is in the right atmosphere. Outdoor go-karting is simply much better than indoors. As time has passed, races always take place outdoors, be it F1 or a grand tour. Go-karting can give the driver the same experience once outside. Head over to Flipside and experience outdoor go-karting on an amazing track.


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