FUTSAL Is Trending Among Youngsters Than Many Other Sports; Here’s Why!

Youngster these days are supersonic and love everything that gives them speed. Be it fast cars or top-notch gadget that can bring the world at your disposal. Speed is everything.

One of such trendy speed sports that has grabbed the attention of the young crowd in the past few years is Futsal.

The Flipside Entertainment Park brings you a glimpse into why futsal is trending so much among the young crowd: –


The Dynamics of Outdoor Are All Prevalent in The Game of Futsal     

Since the game of Futsal is played in smaller dimensions than the outdoor game and with fewer players on the court, 5 vs 5 (8 vs 8 at Flipside), it requires players to have quick decision making, technical skill, creativity and constant movement and all this translates well to the outdoor game of soccer. Depth, width and penetration and are all done in a small space on a Futsal court.

Quick Decision and Fast Reaction Is All You Need to Own the Game!

Since the Futsal game are played on a smaller court. It increases the chances of one on one situations. It requires the players to quickly receive and pass the ball and take the right decision while doing so, all under tremendous pressure and in a jiffy.

If you compare a soccer game with a youth futsal game the difference is crystal clear.

On a huge soccer field, even quick passes appear to be slow. But on a futsal court passes are made in fraction of seconds and the chances of scoring develop every minute. So, the speed of decision making is increased while playing futsal. This helps young futsal player to think better on the field.


Builds Up Confidence with the Ball

As the number of players in a futsal team in small, players are required to play in multiple position and adapt according to the speed of the game. There are very few chances of ball retention and thus is requires quick reaction to score when the ball is passed to you. This stealth and preciseness help in building up confidence in the game on the bigger ground.


This is not all, Futsal helps in developing stronger cognitive and problem-solving skills as well as is a popular way to keep your brain and muscles stronger.

Futsal not only offers the players a way of entertainment but also is a great way to develop Quick decision making and technical skills as well developing great 1 vs 1 abilities in tight spaces.

Think you can score against all odds? We challenge you to come down to Flipside Entertainment Park and prove your mettle.

Get your gang and challenge them for game of Futsal. Let’s see who is the real “MVP”

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