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Rock climbing and a zip-line isn’t just a bunch of ropes holding you up as you reach the other side. There’s a real rush to it that you can only experience when you try. Adrenaline sports is something everyone must try at least once. It could be a free fall or even a rope slide to the bottom. Some of these activities require incredible amounts of security and safety, to which flipside has never been a stranger. These activities can help build teams and increase a person’s stamina and strength. Only FlipSide have high rope courses that can blow your mind. Others will not be as entertaining. Rocky terrains, going tree to tree, or even leaping into an open space could just be the remedy you need to free your mind from daily stress. And not just for adults, Flipside is also one of the most fun places for kids in Hyderabad.

Rope course activities in Hyderabad

Flipside is one of the best adventure places in Hyderabad and easily one of the best hangout spots as well. With a wide range of activities, it isn’t difficult to see why people are choosing to keep coming to the adventure park week after week. The activities provide something new for everyone, every time they come back. You have activities such as shooting and archery, all the way to go-karting. You also have a relaxing spot where you can enjoy a beverage or food.

The activities include –

1. Rock Climbing

speed up a hillside with rocks to hold on to, as you test your grips and ability to pull your weight without falling.

2. Zip-LiningĀ 

Fly like a bird as you glide from one point to the other, completely safe and strapped into the zipline. If you are afraid of heights, here’s something to help battle that fear.

3. The Slide RopeĀ 

Pace down a rope from one point to the other and get closer to the bottom. Being suspended in mid-air with just a rope around your hips will never give you experience this exciting.

4. Free Fall

What makes Flipside one of the best adventure places in Hyderabad is the open and long free fall. This activity is like a bungee jump but you are completely suspended with ropes.

5. The Rope Course

The most intense team building activity out there, the rope course, is one that will keep you on your feet throughout. You need to use the skill and intellect to figure out your next move. This course is very challenging and will test your endurance throughout. You can face off against your friends and find out who has the skills to survive in these conditions.


CONCLUSION: There are several rope activities you can find at Flipside. Some more dangerous than others, but they are all fun and nothing short of the experience that you expect from one of the best rope course activities in Hyderabad. Even with the ropes on, the adrenaline never stops because of the fear of falling. It’s an unexplainable rush that some love and some get addicted to. It’s the feel of the outdoors and the ambience that sets you in this danger zone and after the first time, you can’t get enough of it.

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