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Get ready for a dose of adventure and an adrenaline rush, now in the city of Hyderabad. Introducing Flipside an awesome fun packed adventure park at Nanakramguda, with all the trending adventure sports you are looking for.

Check out all the thrilling adventure sports offered at Flipside:

The Road Rage (Go Karting)

If Drifting and speeding up the lanes is your thing, then this is the sport for you. Unleash the rider in you and throttle the gears at Flipside’s Go Karting Zone. Fulfill all your racing dreams at the tracks here. If you can dare to ride, we have brand new rides waiting for you!

The High-Rise (Rock Climbing)

Test your muscle and see how far you can go to our rock-climbing zone! There is no place for the weak-hearted here. If you think you got the power in your arms. We dare you to come and prove your mettle!

The Fly Zero (Zip-line)

Sway swiftly across the sky and fulfill your dream to fly like a bird! The zip-line at a height of 50 meters is for the people who fear nothing. Brace yourself for this exciting experience. If you wish to attain heights, we have the lines ready for you.

The Zero Gravity (Freefall)

Leave all your fears away and fall free into the net of excitement and adventure. The indoor bungee jumping adventure sport is available at Flipside. It will give you the experience to feel the overwhelming fall of fear, adventure and joy all rushing within your system in a matter of few minutes.

The Slide Rope (Slithering) 

Take the leap of faith and feel the gravitational force in a hair-flying, goosebumps-inducing adventure filled thrill. Slide down the rope and feel the exhilaration of your fear of fall breaking down.

The Raging Rope Course

Unleash the ninja within you. Test your muscles and core strength at this rope course of 30 minutes. Compete against your friends and see who the king of strength is.

Although we challenge you to face your fear, we take proper care to ensure your safety. We dare you to test yourself and embrace the adventurer within you. Visit the Flipside adventure park and break your limits.

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