Go-kart Racing in Hyderabad

Go-kart Racing in Hyderabad

Go karting is a well-liked sport and activity in India, and participants of all ages participate in it. It is an exciting activity that provides a great deal of speed and thrill. Although it is a sport played at the professional level, go karting can be enjoyed by anyone across a number of different go-karting zones. It is a part of a variety of activities for a fun day, which together make for a fantastic day filled with a great deal of excitement. As a result of the sport’s rise in popularity across the nation, numerous courses have been constructed in a variety of cities. One of the cities in which you can enjoy go karting at a number of different locations is Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, the price of go-karting starts at 300 Indian Rupees (INR) and can go up to 1000 Indian Rupees (INR). At special events, attendees have their choice of several different packages.

Go Kart circuit at Flipside Adventure Park in Hyderabad

The Go Kart circuit at Flipside Adventure Park in Hyderabad is widely considered to be the city’s most pleasant of the city’s plethora of available Go Kart venues. Indulge in a time that is both promising and gratifying by participating in activities that are enjoyable and recreational, as well as an unrivalled go karting experience. The park is located on a piece of ground that is three acres in size and features cutting-edge racing circuits that are perfectly paired with an extensive collection of brand-new go-karts.

Flipside’s Go kart circuit take great pride in being able to provide our customers in Hyderabad with the most fun go-karting available. The best way to have fun with a sport that doesn’t call for any prior knowledge and is a very intriguing activity to take part in is to go go-karting in Hyderabad. This is a terrific way to enjoy a sport that can be done by anyone and is a lot of fun. You won’t find a single individual who isn’t positively giddy with excitement and overflowing with eagerness for the next round of the competition. Gain Experience Driving in Real-World Conditions While Enjoying the Great Outdoors – No of the weather or lighting, our go-kart racing tracks in Hyderabad are able to recreate the adrenaline rush of the real thing, even when it’s pouring down rain or the lights are on full blast. Before you can begin, you are going to have to make a purchase at the front counter in order to get your hands on some go-karting tickets. A ticket will only cost you around 250-750 INR.

Guidelines at Flipside Adventure Park in Hyderabad

The several guidelines and policies that are required to be observed and are kept up to date by Flipside Adventure Park.
The authorization of an instructor who is on duty is required in order to enter the track. Keep in mind the driving directions that have been provided. If, after reading these instructions and listening to our tour, you still feel uncertain about anything, please do not hesitate to ask our instructor for even more extensive information about how to operate the kart. Always remain in the Kart while playing. Under no circumstances should you get out of the kart while you are racing around the circuit. After the race is over, you are to remain seated in your kart until you are given permission to stand up. Following the completion of the final lap, the duty instructor will signal for you to enter the pit area using a STOP board.
Please drive there cautiously and remain seated in the vehicle during the process. If you get out of the kart without first getting permission from the Instructor, you put yourself at risk of being injured by the other drivers’ vehicles. If you run into any difficulties while following the track, signal with a raised hand. Raise your hand to indicate to others following you and the staff that you require assistance, whether it is because your car has developed a mechanical malfunction, you have spun out on the course, or you have become wedged between two barriers. If you notice anything that isn’t normal on the track, you need to signal that as well. Drive as gently as possible. This means you should avoid colliding with other vehicles or barriers, as well as cutting off or blocking other karts.

Adjust the buckle on the helmet. We will supply you with a head protection device. It is imperative that you remember to securely secure it. There is no upper age limit that we adhere to. The only prerequisite for getting a driver’s license is a height of at least 140 centimeters. Drive sober! No one who is visibly or obviously impaired by the effects of alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the racetrack under any circumstances. Never apply pressure to the brakes while simultaneously pressing the accelerator. If you see a yellow flag or blinking yellow lights on our kart, you should reduce your speed. Because we are assisting another person, we would appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for us. The Go Kart track at Flipside Adventure Park is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences available to individuals who are fans of the activity because of all of these qualities

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